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100 Ways to help Rescue Without Adopting or Fostering a Ferret

Sure most of you have seen this before, but tuck it away somewhere so you can present it to potential "helpers" down the line.  If we all do what we can, the Ferrets definitely are the winners.

Can you...
1. Transport a Ferret?
2. Donate a Ferret hammock, sleep sack, tee shirts or other *bedding* type items? (Gently used Ferret equipment is always welcome)
3. Donate MONEY?
4. Donate a Kong? A edible chew toy? Balls?
5. Donate a cage?
6. Donate a x-pen or baby gate?
7. Donate a food dish or a water bottle for a cage?
8. Donate some ferret food?
9. Donate some ferret treats?
10. Donate some litter (no clumping litter or cedar or pine please)?
11. Donate linoleum for cage flooring?
12. Play with a Ferret?
13. Groom a Ferret?
14. Donate some grooming supplies (shampoos, combs, brushes, etc.)?
15. Go to the local shelter and see if you can assist in ferret care?
16. Make a few phone calls?
17. Mail out applications to people who've requested them?
18. Provide local vet clinics with contact information for educational materials on responsible pet ownership?
19. Drive a Ferret to and from vet appointments?
20. Donate long distance calling cards?
21. Donate the use of your scanner or digital camera?
22. Donate the use of a photocopier?
23. Attend public education days and try to educate people on responsible pet ownership?
24. Donate a gift certificate to a pet store?
25. Donate a raffle item if your club is holding a fundraiser?
26. Donate flea stuff (Advantage, etc.)?
27. Donate Heartworm pills?
28. Donate a
Medi+Pet First Aid Kit?
29. Provide a shoulder to cry on when the rescue person is overwhelmed?
30. Pay the boarding fees to board a Ferret for a week? Two weeks?
31. Be a Santi-paws foster to give the foster a break for a few hours or days?
32. Clip coupons for Ferret food or treats?
33. Bake some homemade ferret treats or Duck soup?
34. Make book purchases through Amazon or Igive via which contributes 100% commissions earned to a non profit rescue group?
35. Host rescue photos with an information link on your website?
36. Donate time to take good photos of foster Ferrets for adoption flyers, etc.?
37. Conduct a home visit or accompany a rescue person on the home visit?
38. Go with rescue person to the vet to help if there is more than one Ferret?
39. Have a yard sale and donate the money to rescue?
40. Volunteer to do rescue in your area?
41. Take advantage of a promotion on the web or store offering a free ID tag and instead of getting it for your own Ferret, have the tag inscribed with your Club's name and phone # to contact?
42. Talk to all your friends about adopting and fostering rescue Ferrets?
43. Donate vet services or can you help by donating a spay or neuter each year or some vaccinations?
44. Interview vets to encourage them to offer discounts to rescues?
45. Write a column for your local newspaper or club newsletter on Ferrets  currently looking for homes or ways to help rescue?
46. Take photos of Ferrets available for adoption for use by the Club?
47. Maintain web sites listing/showing Ferrets available?
48. Help organize and run fundraising events?
49. Help maintain the paperwork files associated with each Ferret or enter the information into a database?
50. Perform an ADV test on a rescued Ferret?
51. Provide and distribute ferret care information to pet stores that sell ferrets?
52. Loan your carpet steam cleaner to someone who has fostered a Ferret that was sick or marked in the house?
53. Donate a bottle of bleach or other cleaning products?
54. Donate or loan a portable Ferret area or space to someone who doesn't have a quarantine area for quarantining a Ferret that has an unknown vaccination history and has been in a shelter?
55. Drive the fosters' children to an activity so that the foster can take the Ferret to the vet or a visit?
56. Use your video camera to film a rescue Ferret in action?
57. Pay the cost of taking a Ferret to be examined class?
58. Be the one to take the Ferret to its examination?
59. Go to the foster home once a week with your children and Ferrets to help socialize the Ferrets?
60. Help the foster clean up his house floors usually the corners (it is best to let them dry out so they come up easier on carpet but tougher on wood floors or linoleum. 61. Offer to test the foster Ferret with cats?
62. Pay for the Ferret to be groomed or take the Ferret to a *Do It Yourself* Grooming Place?
63. Bring the foster take out so the foster doesn't have to cook dinner?
64. Pay a house-cleaning service to do the spring cleaning for someone who fosters Ferrets all the time?
65. Lend your artistic talents to your club's newsletter, fundraising ideas, t-shirt designs?
66. Donate printer paper, envelopes and stamps to your club?
67. Go with a rescue person to the vet if a foster Ferret needs to be euthanized?
68. Go to local shelters and meet with shelter staff about how to identify your breed or provide photos and color information showing the different types of colors and hair length that the ferret may come in and the different color pattern combinations?
69. Go to local businesses and solicit donations for a club's fundraising event?
70. Offer to try and help owners be better pet owners by holding a ferret care seminar?
71. Help pet owners be better pet owners by being available to answer training questions?
72. Donate a book called "Ferrets for Dummies"
73. Put together an *Owner's Manual* for those who adopt rescued Ferrets of your breed?
74. Provide post-adoption follow up or support?
75. Donate a coupon for a free car wash or gas or inside cleaning of a vehicle?
76. Pay for an ad in your local/metropolitan paper to help place rescue Ferrets?
77. Volunteer to screen calls for that ad?
78. Get some friends together to build/repair cages for a foster home?
79. Microchip your own ferrets if you are a breeder, and register the chips, so if your Ferrets ever come into rescue, you can be contacted to take responsibility for your ferret?
80. Donate a small percentage of the sale of each ferret to a rescue if you are a breeder?
81. Buy two of those really neat Ferret-items you "have to have" and donate one to Rescue?
82. Make financial arrangements in your will to cover the cost of caring for your Ferrets after you are gone - so Ferret Rescues won't have to?
83. Make a bequest in your will to your local or national Rescue?
84. Donate your professional services as an accountant or lawyer?
85. Donate other services if you run your own business?
86. Donate the use of a vehicle if you own a car dealership?
87. Loan your cell phone (and cover costs for any calls) to s/one driving a rescued Ferret?
88. Donate your *used* Ferret dryer when you get a new one?
89. Let rescue know when you'll be flying and that you'd be willing to be a rescued Ferret's escort?
90. Do something not listed above to help rescue?
91. Donate yourself to be a Ferret seatbelt?
92. Donate a window grid for a van or other vehicle so the window can be opened?
93. Organize a rescued Ferret picnic or other event to reunite the rescued Ferrets that have been placed?
94. Donate other types of Ferret toys that might be safe for rescued Ferrets?
95. Donate a tunnel or a ferret drying sack?
96. Donate squeakers and volunteer to train the ferrets to come to it?
97. Donate materials for a quarantine area at a foster's home?
98. Donate sheets of linoleum or other flooring materials to put in and under cages to protect the foster's floor and the ferrets feet?
99. Donate an engraving tool to make ID tags for each of the rescued Ferrets?
100. Remember that rescuing a Ferret involves the effort and time of many people and make yourself available on an emergency basis to do *whatever* is needed?

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