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My dad was a hobbyist's hobbyist and enjoyed completing tedious chores to come out almost perfect. After hearing our financial dilemma he donated all his efforts to our shelter in order to raise money for surgeries.

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If you are not interested in hand painted bird figures and still wish to help our shelter please push button below and thanks for dropping in.

We take in ferret no matter what age or shape they are in.

Please bid on these items as 100% of the proceeds go toward helping the third most popular interactive pet in America. We can only help these little guys with private funding as no federal or state agency funds are available for ferret shelters. We depend on you to bid on these useful items so that we can apply the money to needed surgeries and medicines (ferrets do not have a pharmacy plan). The few dollars you spend will turn a  ferret that looks like the one the left to a health bright eyed companion pet you see on the right.

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Please help our shelter and buy through the link below as it helps our shelter and does not cost you any more for the product!


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