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These animals especially ferrets have generally been mistreated and have medical or social problems which with the kindness of we correct their problems and them try to rehome them. This is a domestic ferret that cannot survive in the wilderness plus they are cold weather exotic animals so heat can kill them and should have food and water available to them 24/7. They are quiet and get along well with humans and other animals. As with all animals it will take a little time for you to get used to your new pet so go slowly because he may nip if he is frightened or playing to hard which is why we don't recommend unsupervised younger children. A ferret is the third most popular interactive pet in America and a close relative of the endangered Black Footed Ferret. Please give this guy a shot at happiness and provide a home for him and he will fill your time with antics that will keep you laughing.Please continue to our adoption form or our donation form or the following links;

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