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Somewhere in the text below is a message and if anyone knows what it is please let me know. My wife and I operate a ferret rescue as well as being self employed in the manufacture of casework and millwork. When I found out that my veterinarian, hereafter referred to as Stan and he will know why, and his partner was renovating their offices so I volunteered to bid on his cabinetry and his partner, Dr. Death, was supposed to contact the architect. Unfortunately, the architect never contacted me. I then called the General Contractor and found out that Stan's partner had given the cabinet order for office furniture to a stock kitchen cabinet distributor, it gets better. What I didn't know was that Dr. Death and the cabinet distributor had a personal relationship. I contacted the cabinet distributor via a friend of mine with the offer to supply custom cabinets for the price of stock kitchen cabinets. When the greedy kitchen cabinet distributor, hereafter we will refer to him as greedy, who has already informed his buddy, Dr. Death that the stock cabinets would cost only $31,000.00 which appeared to be a bargain after recovering from a sticker shock of $50,000.00 for custom cabinets. The trouble was that the $31,000.00 had about a 100% markup on stock cabinets but about the true price of custom cabinets. Greed decided to increase his profits and assured me that the stock cabinets only cost $10,000.00 so that he could make an additional $5,000.00 on his "bud" Dr. Death and Stan. When I realized that Stan, the same doctor that was responsible for saving my pets lives was being subjected to a horrible injustice I tried to right the wrong. As not to tell Dr. Death that his "friend" was charging him way to much I concocted a believable story to tell greedy as to reduce the cost of the cabinets within reason. At this time I really thought the cost for stock cabinets was $10,000.00 since that was what greedy told me it was and I was seeing that Dr. Death was being charged $31,000.00. Instead of telling greedy the story, he blurted out my involvement. Greedy visited me at my establishment the very next day. He ran on and on about costs and profits and ended up telling me that he would like to make 50% on Dr. Death which was $7,000.00 to $8.000.00. He wanted me to increase the costs of installation, counter tops and some custom items as to hid his profit in the cost and lie to Dr. Death and Stan if they asked if it was a good price. I have spent over $10,000.00 in material and labor on the cabinets. Had I been involved from the beginning, I would have probably ended up doing the whole project complete for about $30,000.00. Now I have greedy very angry at me because I called attention to his method of treating his "friends". I have Stan and Dr. Death angry because I refused to continue on this project at artificially set pricing and with such an enormous margin built in. If I do any more then I already have completed I will lose even more money. What is totally upsetting is that these people are supposed to be professional and not only are they thieves and liars but we trust these same people with the most important thing we have and that is our pets. To end this pathetic story I finished the job at the promise that I would be paid in full. This job was originally bid by the GC at $50,000.00 complete and we did it for less then $29,000.00 and got paid $12,000.00.


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