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There is a brake through on Adrenal Disease so please go to this article by Dr. Jerry Murray forwarded by Sukie Crandle.

MELATONIN for Ferret Health

I am not a veterinarian and information expressed on this page are by no means a substitute for prompt, hands-on care, from a licensed, practicing veterinarian. Ferrets produce Melatonin naturally during periods that are unsafe to have kits which is usually in the winter and fall. It inhibits the adrenal gland production of sexual hormones but does not shrink the gland. There are many reasons why American ferrets are so susceptible to adrenal problems. A few reasons are that the original breeding pairs had a flawed gene or it is caused because ferrets are neutered too young or they lose sense of seasons because they are kept indoors under artificial lighting. Whatever the reason adrenal distress is somewhat common in domesticated American ferrets. The only way to cure the problem is to remove the gland that is overproducing hormones but you may be able to buy time until you can afford the surgery or worse yet, have a gland or a ferret that you are unable to operate on. I have been using 1 mg of Melatonin mixed with ¼" of Nutrical or mix it in with a bit of ferretone given to my little guys every day at 2:00 PM. I have had excellent results and out of 14 ferrets only one is not responding to this regime. Also, it can be used with Lupron or Flutamide with no ill effects. I highly recommend it as a very inexpensive method of  inhibiting the production of sexual hormones and would be happy to answer any individuals question. Please remember if this condition is not treated (benign neglect) however, even under the best conditions, when there is no malignancy, there is no
bone marrow toxicosis, there is no prostatic cystic disease - even the most
mild prediction is a sad one. Ferrets with adrenal disease have a diminished quality of life - they have progressive muscle loss, low grade anemia, they tend to redistribute  weight to the abdomen, further making it difficult to walk, they have an increased incidence of gastric ulcers as a result of the
stress of chronic illness, decreased bone density - none life-threatening, but all life-compromising. Even medical treatment, which is not my preferred way of treating adrenal disease, gives slight relief to symptoms. Doing nothing is not kind and not in a ferret's best interest.                        Dr. Bruce Williams Golden Oldie



For some great links on Melatonin try;

http://www.smallanimalchannel.com/ferrets-magazine/default.aspx by Jerry Murray, DVM

http://www.trifl.org/medical.shtml#adrenal by Bruce H. Williams, DVM


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