Dear Ferret Lovers and other Surfers,

I am sorry to inform you that if you came to see pictures of our wonderful ferrets that are up for adoption another provider is charging us $50.00 extra per month for the band width that people use viewing or downloading our ferret pictures. We are a no kill non profit (fed. ein. # 04-0003671) ferret shelter and my money grubbing ISP provider who refused to give us any break on the cost of our non profit domain when we originally purchased it but also decided to penalize our shelter by charging us extra because of the people that are downloading pictures of our sweet fur babies up for adoption. Since I get little to no help from the so called ferret shelter help organizations or from the public at large we cannot afford this unforeseen and unexpected charge so we have decided to remove the pictures. I apologize to all that received any kind of enjoyment from the pictures and also to those that intended to make a decision based on them. If anyone knows of an ISP provider that is more reasonable please let us know. If you nose Buttercup he will direct you to our home page.

Cheryl & Steve Reznick