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Ferret pet stories provided by Cheryl & Steve at the SJ Ferret Rescue and Sanctuary, Inc. 501 C3 No kill non profit corp. EN #04-0003671 & N.J. - {CH2332200}

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Pierre was our first fur child. We purchased him at a local pet shop at the insistence of Cheryl who had to have one after seeing our secretary's ferret. The kits were kept in a plastic enclosure with little ventilation and very dirty water. As we watched the sleeping pile of ferrets we saw one who woke up, went to the litter pan and pooped inside, we were thrilled and immediately decided on buying him. He was so young that we had to buy "mothers milk" and was told in a few weeks we would be able to feed him moistened kitten food. On the way home he started crying so we pulled over and when Cheryl picked him up he stopped crying and we rode all the way home with Pierre in her arms. He was the most peculiar animal we ever had and we have had dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, small mammals and tropical fish. Whenever a toilet is flushed he had to watch the water which meant the before you flush you had to open the bathroom door or suffer a very noisy frontal attack on the door. One bathroom has a tile floor so it is very difficult for him to get purchase and view the toilet bowl so we bought a step stool so that he wouldn't be inconvenienced. He dug out the back of our living room sofa and that is where he called home. My mom who was missing a leg as well as being blind in one eye lived with us and usually started her day on the sofa in front of the TV with a bagel and a cup of coffee. This commotion of course woke Pierre who slipped out of the top of the sofa and sat down next to my mom waiting for her to give him a piece of bagel, it was way cute. They got along well and many a day they were found sleeping together with the TV blasting away. One day my mom went to the freezer to decide what to make for dinner and Pierre slipped in while the door was ajar. She never saw him and a few hours later commented that she hadn't seen him. We didn't think that was strange until he didn't show up for a toilet flushing and then we became concerned. We search the house high and low, we got the neighbors looking for him and finally the darkness precluded the search. Cheryl and I couldn't sleep and woke up all night looking for him both inside and outside the house. Morning came and still no Pierre came running on the flush of the toilet, so we decided that he had to have escaped the house because if he was inside he could not pass up a toilet flushing episode. About 11:40 AM Cheryl opened the freezer to thaw out dinner and low and behold there was Pierre on a piece of partially melted ground beef. We were so excited to have found him alive and well except for not being able to pee until he partially thawed out. Pierre was treated like royalty that day and whenever someone had to use the facilities they would carry Pierre so he wouldn't have to run. He was a great ferret and cheerfully played with my 2 year old grand daughter which consisted of being carried around in a bucket or worn around her neck. It was because of him that we started the SJ Ferret Rescue and Sanctuary.

Our first actual rescue was Dallas. more to come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you are interested in ferret adoption for a pet ferret or multiple ferrets please click on adoption. Hi Ferrets and ferret lovers, I'm Steve Reznick and Cheryl is my wife. We reside in South Jersey with our current furry associates many of which are hoping to be adopted to a "ferret worthy" home.  We are both very animal friendly and are especially into ferrets and ferret adoption. Our business and residence are both in Gibbsboro which is a small very friendly town in New Jersey. Everything we do for ferrets is in memory of Pierre our very first ferret who never missed an opportunity to cuddle and will always be in our hearts. We love ferrets and all the things ferrets do. Ferret adoption to a wonderful home is what we strive to achieve or at least fostering ferrets.


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